Onsite Emergency Temporary Housing in New York or nationally

When disaster strikes and your home is damaged and needs repairs, it’s important that you find a reliable temporary housing solution quickly. Mobile emergency Housing Corp. provides a safe and comfortable place to live while you rebuild. At Mobile Emergency Housing Corp., we understand that a natural disaster or house fire can be incredibly painful and disorienting. We understand that a temporary housing solution needs to be fast, comfortable, and uncomplicated.

If you have experienced a natural disaster, house fire, flood or another situation that makes your home uninhabitable in New York (NY) or across the nation, our team is here to help you get situated on your property while you rebuild to help put your mind at ease. We take pride in our work! Our team of onsite temporary housing professionals can give you and your loved ones a safe space to call home while you rebuild. For more information, explore our services below.

Comfortable and Affordable Onsite Temporary Housing

When you connect with our friendly and compassionate team at Mobile Emergency Housing Corp., you can rest assured that your housing needs will be treated with care and respect. We understand that a disaster can be emotionally and physically taxing on your family. Our goal is to make the process of providing onsite temporary housing seamless and uncomplicated.

Our vast selection includes mobile homes, residential trailers and various support equipment that can be used to house your entire family after a disaster. We have several options for onsite temporary emergency housing for you to choose from.

We work with your adjustor and insurance company to cover the cost of our service so there will be no out-of-pocket expenses! We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and treat each client as we would want a company to treat us or someone in our family in the same situation.

For more information, connect with our team through our contact page.

Mobile Emergency Housing Corp.

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Photos are a representation. Actual mobile home/trailer may vary.
Construction – Environmentally safe and COVID-19 disinfected after each use.
All units are no smoking
Pet friendly ( additional cost may apply)

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